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TOPKIDS Center Programs

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Give Your Child The Best

     Summer Camp

Come join our summer camps. We have many exciting camps offered at our center in Walnut and Arcadia as well as several school sites.                                 
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       The Gifted Club

This special program is for your gifted child. The club provides many challenging curriculum and training for advanced topics and academic competitions. 
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     Common Core HQ

Our Common Core experts are here to provide helps in Homeworks, Curriculum Review, Preview, and Test Prep.
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Reading & Writing

Our program covers all essential and

fundamental skills (critical thinking, critical

reading, 6-trait writing, vocabulary, and

grammars) needed for your child to become

a good reader and writer.

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Math Problem Solving

Our Math program provides a series of training classes to prepare your child being strong in math. Students are learning problem solving skills and calculation with speed. 
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Robotics & Engineering

Our robotics program is one of the best in the region. We offer many robotics classes for students to learn fundamental skills, robotics applications, and join competitions. 
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    Science & Technology

The science & technology program covers

fundamental science and technology

lessons (e.g. presentation, programming,

web application, and

game designs).

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